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Clinical Praxis™

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Dr. Glen Swartwout's Clinical Theory™ of Everything.

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  • Welcome to Clinical Praxis™

    Clinical Praxis™ is a breakthrough in the process of healing for the 3rd Millenium

    Based on more than 40 years of exploratory clinical research, Dr. Glen Swartwout's Clinical Theory™ of Everything, Clinical Praxis™ draws on systems of Biofield Analysis™ to identify Functional Formulations™ that support one month of increased Biofield Coherence™. 

    As a child, Dr. Swartwout's IQ was unmeasurable at over 186, compared to Einstein at 160. He scored a perfect 800 on his Math SAT, and was recruited by Harvard, but chose to receive the top rated undergraduate education in America at Dartmouth College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, with honors work in Chemistry and a special major integrating studies in Engineering, Biology, Physics and other sciences. He completed his academic work in 3 years, while participating in more spiritual and service oriented programs through the Tucker Foundation than any other student. He also coordinated Trails and Shelters for 75 miles of the Appalachian Trail and headed up the Nordic Events for the NCAA Ski Championships at Breton Woods.

    While classmates with lesser academic credentials attended top medical schools, he knew that his interest in healing was not compatible with the medical profession of that time, so he followed his father who was an Ivy League trained Doctor of Optometry and a pioneer in Functional Optometry. In addition to being the best student at the top school in the field, he achieved many honors and was elected President of the American Optometric Student Association, representing over 5,000 student Doctors in the States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    Today, he devotes himself to the research and development of health and wellness systems. He has a true calling as a healer, as he took a spiritual vow of poverty decades ago in order to fully pursue his passion for the healing arts.


    All body structures and functions are represented holographically in every cell. Even damaged DNA can be repaired by resonance in communication with surrounding healthy cells. Scar tissue can be reduced and tissue reformed to their original blueprint, restoring lost function. Lost cells can be replaced by stem cells which are activated by achieving the terrain of Phase 3: Regeneration in our 5 Phases of Healing model. This roadmap to the healing process is an integral part of our Clinical Theory™ of Everything. Basically, when all body systems are working coherently together, you heal 12 times faster than you were accumulating damage...


    We can work directly with you as a client to support you in achieving Accelerated Self Healing, so you can restore health, recover function, and promote and sustain optimum wellness of body, mind and spirit. We do not use terms like spirit and energy loosely... Spirit is the substrate of consciousness made of condensates (a non-local, superfluid, superconductive state of matter) of the transition minerals. Energy transfers by quantized resonance and triggers cascading physiological responses. According to our research, 85% of healing is the body's response to Energetically Correct™ remedies.

    Affiliated Doctors

    Other doctors are beginning to replicate our work, such as Dr. Todd Wylie in Spokane, Washington, and Dr. Clifford Fukushima in Visalia, California. If your doctor is interested in implementing, documenting and researching our Functional Formulations™ and our other healing systems, or if you are an interested health care provider yourself, the application page for practitioners to work with us is linked below... 

    Practitioner Application

    Health & Wellness Services You Can Trust

    The identical remote testing we use for you has been quality controlled by us with in person electrophysiological testing for over 30 years with 100% accuracy. We can tell you what your body is trying to heal, and what it can use to accomplish that mission, even as it progresses and changes month after month. That is the key to Accelerated Self Healing™.





    We Value Your Family's 

    Health and

    Your Time

    We emphasize remote testing on a regular monthly schedule that you can easily sustain without leaving home, so you can keep your healing program up to date with your unique and changing needs. We use pure and potent natural and non-invasive therapies that you can implement yourself in your own home or office. And we support you all the way, so you are never left on your own wondering what to do, or why...

    Remote Testing

    We use multiple systems for Biofield Analysis™. Some are performed manually, and others use advanced technology. Some require the use of technology at the client's side of an internet connection, while others operate non-locally without any need to implement technical equipment.

    Natural Remedies

    We formulate and produce hundreds of Functional Formulations™ so we can support your unique needs. Most formulations combine many factors from nature to support and stimulate a functional complex of healing responses in the body.

    Energy Therapies

    Energies can be stressful or they can be healing. In addition to educating about avoidance, protection and reducing susceptibility to harmful EMF, like 5G, we provide guidance on the use of beneficial energy fields and frequencies. The electromagnetic spectrum includes 88 octaves of quantum energetic resonance. The visible light spectrum is just one of those octaves, but it is the most active one in our photo-energetic physiology as well as in the solar spectrum.


    We use biofeedback of vocal stress frequencies in a process of EVOX Perception Reframing. We recommend that each person complete a Transgenerational Perception Reframing series. It is a once in a lifetime process for clearing the epigenetics of disease information from the DNA. EVOX is also very helpful for clearing stress patterns around body symptoms as well as life stresses.

    We Care About Your Health

    Family Focus from Cradle to Grave...

    Leading Edge Care for Mom and Baby

    We care about health from preparing the way before conception to the quality of transition to the afterlife... We believe that it is possible to optimize infant and child development, and also to age like a fine wine, so as elders, we can use our experience and wisdom to assist future generations...

    Rate of Reverse Aging 120%

    Learn From The Best

    Get Healthier With Your Individually Tailored Wellness Plan

    We recognize that you have both unique needs and unique resources for your healing process. That's why we have designed a range of programs, so you can get the best results possible within your means...

    • Level 1: We train you to understand your health and wellness according to the Clinical Theory of Everything, so that you can manage your budget conscious self-healing process more efficiently and more effectively...

    • Level 2: We select the most important Energetically Correct™ remedies for you each month...

    • Level 3: We design a complete program of Accelerated Self Healing™ for your changing needs month after month...

    • Level 4: Access transformative private coaching sessions using electronic biofeedback of stress frequencies in your own voice... 

    • Level 5: We implement complete done-for-you executive and corporate level health systems so you and your mission critical team can focus on doing what you do best...

    Meet Your Team

    Dr. Glen Swartwout

    Research & Development, and Practitioner Training

    Dr. Glen has overcome the odds in restoring his own health by learning, applying and integrating the best wisdom of Eastern and Western healing traditions.

    His mission now is to share what has helped him and thousands of patients over the last 40+ years as a doctor and 50+ years as a vision therapist...

    'Rae' Luscombe

    Group Coaching & Coach Training

    Rae was already teaching transformational group workshops focused on developing honest communication when she met Dr. Glen 24 years ago.

    Ever since, they have been integrating their unique perspectives on healing the body and developing the mind and spirit...

    Sean Luscombe

    Creative Director & Affiliate Manager

    Sean is our creative director and heads up affiliate marketing.

    Sean combines his academic training in Kinesiology with his stellar background as a Health, Wellness, and Fitness Coach.

    Sean brings expertise in exercise physiology with an emphasis on restoring musculoskeletal function in the face of individual physical challenges...

    "Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration... He gave me a copy of the report that you had written on this topic, and I appreciate all of the work that you did..."

    Bruce Ballon, M.D.,

    Harvard-trained Retinologist

    (Ophthalmological Retinal Specialist)

    "I'm really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue... Seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also seeing assistance with lens clarity improving nicely and overall just general health improvement. And so, it's been a great, great addition to my practice...

    Dr. Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.,

    Doctor of Optometry

    (Specialist in Vision Therapy)

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