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All Matter is frozen Light. 

Let there be light.

- Genesis 1:3

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. 

- Albert Einstein

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. 

- Albert Einstein

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. 

- Albert Einstein

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Biocommunication Considerations:

There are individuals who experience a direct synesthesia relationship between different senses, such as color and musical notes...

It has been proposed that there are actual octave harmonic resonances between light frequencies and both seasons of the annual cycle as well as particular acupuncture points on the body...

Proposed octave harmonic resonances:

1: 671-700 nm, infrared/visible boundary, vernal equinox, first point of Endocrine meridian.

2: 642-671 nm, red-orange, midspring, first point of Gall Bladder meridian. Quincunx relation to autumn/green.

3: 613-642 nm, yellow-orange, late spring, first point of Lung meridian. Quincunx relation to winter/sky blue.

4: 583-612 nm, light yellow (“white”), summer solstice, first point of Stomach meridian.

5: 554-583 nm, golden yellow, midsummer, first point of Heart meridian.

6: 525-554 nm, chartreuse/olive green, late summer, first point of Small Intestine meridian.

7: 496-525 nm, leaf green, first point of darkening (“black”), autumnal equinox, first point of Kidney meridian.

8: 467-496 nm, deep aqua, midautumn, first point of Circulation meridian. Quincunx relation to spring/Blood Red.

9: 438-467 nm, blue-green, late autumn, first point of Liver meridian. Quincunx relation to fiery orange-red.

10: 409-438 nm, pure deep sky or ice blue, winter solstice, first point of Large Intestine meridian.

11: 380-409 nm, deep blue violet, midwinter, first point of Spleen meridian.

12: 350-380 nm, indigo/magenta, late winter, first point of Bladder meridian. Quincunx relation to autumn/green.

The prominent Hydrogen alpha Fraunhoffer line in the solar spectrum has a wavelength of 656.3 nm red is said to be resonant in the B note range at 490 Hz.

Modulation research has been explored for manipulation of matter by sound (see Heleus). Body tissues transduce longitudinal sound waves into electromagnetic waves. Collagen is piezoelectric, and while bone is not technically considered piezoelectric, it still serves this same function of bidirectional energetic transduction between the realms of transverse EM waves (light) and longitudinal waves (sound).

Gurdjieff's theory looks at the octave with seven notes (Heptaparaparshinokh) and the Triad (Triamazikamno) in a field of omnipresence (Okidanokh). Each octave has a reflective inverse relationship contained within itself. Perfect fourths and fifths can also function as if they were octaves as well.

The universal fundamental tone in music is considered to be a slightly sharp B note according to Roffe, who nevertheless uses A as the musical zero point, and an F# pentatonic scale for the fundamental tone scale of the Earth.

I propose using 172 Hz, near F3, in octave harmonic resonance with Calcium in the microcosm and planetary precession in the macrocosm, and the dominant harmonic frequency of nature during the historic thousand years of peace in China and Tibet. The most precious thing in the world at that time was the standard kept by the Emperor. The other two primary frequencies of nature were likely in the A and B range.

 Clinical Praxis™ Therapeutics

Light Frequencies:

Effects on Health and Function

When considering quantum energies of light for photobiomodulation purposes, Frequencies are what we are really identifying, since wavelengths change depending upon the media.


Nevertheless, the literature generally specifies light by its Nanometer (nm) Wavelengths in a relatively rarified optical medium.


Let's take a brief tour through the visible and near-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum...

Far Infrared (FIR)

3000 nm:

Liquid crystalline water absorbs across the infrared with a maximum absorption at about 3000 nm.

Over 1000 nm:


Caution is indicated with regard to dosage due to potential thermal changes.

Near Infrared (NIR)

The 810-850 nm range of wavelengths appears to be a therapeutic window based on the research...


850 nm:


850 nm light increased muscle mass after training. It also decreased inflammation and oxidative stress.


850 nm light also produces faster realignment of teeth in orthodontia.



830 nm:


When 830 nm light was applied before activity, it improved both muscle performance and exercise recovery.



830 nm light also fostered faster wound healing, greater comfort, and less infection.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3799047/


830 nm light resulted in faster, and better surgical recovery, including reduced swelling, infection, bruising, and pain.



830 nm light stimulates bone repair, and new bone growth.


830 nm light produced faster wound healing and better infection control.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4846838/

810 nm:

In some cases, at least one mechanism of action has been identified to help understand how light achieves its range of therapeutic effects. The absorption spectrum of Cytochrome C Oxidase (COO), the mitochondrial chromophore in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has 2 peaks: 810-820 nm NIR and 630 to 660 nm Red light.

810 nm NIR light improved stroke recovery.


810 nm photobiomodulation improved recovery from head trauma.


810 nm light helps major depression and anxiety.


810 nm is neuroprotective.


810 nm produces faster wound healing in diabetic rats.


Combined Infrared & Visible Light

Combined Near Infrared (NIR) and Red Light:


WARP 10:

We make use of the WARP 10 instrument developed for NASA, but it is no longer being manufactured, so we have developed our own Harmony Laser.

The WARP 10 delivers a power of 500 mW distributed evenly as 50 mW/cm2 over 10 cm2. This is an energy dosage of 4 joules/cm2 in each 88 second treatment cycle.


670 nm combined with 810 nm

630 nm combined with 850 nm

660 nm combined with 830 nm

Each of these combinations of red and near infrared wavelengths improved collagen production more than single wavelengths.



Combined Red light and NIR reduces inflammation.



630 to 800 nm


Near Infrared Saunas typically emit a broad spectrum of light frequencies in this range of wavelengths.

Visible light spectrum

The visible wavelengths range is from 390 to 700 nm, or 0.39 to 0.7 microns. Since some people can see frequencies as high as 350 nm, the range 350-700 nm is a good harmonic octave to specify the visual absorption spectrum.

In traditional light therapies, band pass filters are often used that transmit a range of frequencies.

In Dinshah's Spectrochrome system, these frequency patterns are identified by their color names:



Lemon (aka Yellow-Green)


Turquoise (aka Blue-Green)




Three non-spectral color combinations are included:


Magenta (equal proportions of red and blue light)

Ruby (also sometimes identified as Scarlet)

In the tradition of the College of Syntonic Optometry, the band pass filter combinations are identified with Greek letters. Optometrists are encouraged to train in this system and apply it in practice.

With the advent of laser and LED diode technologies, we are now beginning to see some fruitful exploration of specific wavelengths of coherent, monochromatic light. That is our primary topic to explore here...

Red Light

670 nm

670 nm red light has therapeutic effects for the retina…

630-660 nm

Red light in the range of 630 nm to 660 nm activates the mitochondria



Indigo/Violet Light

450 nm

The wavelength of Orgone vacuum tube luminescence is reported to be 450 nm. The association of Orgone energy with profound healing suggests a potential for therapeutic action of the light quantum. Further research is needed, but research and publication on Orgone was halted and destroyed by government intervention. It was apparently perceived as a threat by the pharmaceutical industry and their captured government regulatory apparatus.

Deep Violet Light

420 nm

420 nm has therapeutic potential for reversing brunescence in cataract. The optimal route of administration may be through the side of the eye to avoid excess exposure to the retina.


409 nm


409 nm violet light can be used for 30 seconds on the front and back of body directly on bare skin.

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV-A: 315 nm to 400 nm

380 nm:

Photorepair (Fritz Popp); cancer causing chemicals absorb this frequency and re-emit at lower frequencies. There is also biophoton emission from chemical reactions throughout the visible range. 100K reactions per second in each cell. Photons are essential to trigger all reactions and regulate all metabolism. The photons must be coherence. Coherence time 1/10 second for a laser vs 1 nanosecond for an artificial photon. Biophotons can be much more coherent, e.g. in photosynthesis (almost zero entropy production) for perfect efficiency (quantum coherence).


UV-C: 100 nm to 280 nm

270 nm:

Liquid crystalline water absorbs in the UV range with a peak absorption around 270 nm.

230 - 280 nm:

Sanitizing, Germicidal, Disinfection Intensity: Most photobiomodulation devices use between 10 and 20 milliwatts per square centimeter power density. Rudimentary animals and plants tended to emit 100 photons/cm2/sec at a wavelength of 200-800 nm, corresponding to a very-high-frequency EM wave well within the visible range, whereas humans emit only 10 photons/cm2/sec at the same frequency.

Dosage: 10 joules is a reasonable dose. If you’re treating things deeper in the body, you may want 20 or 30 joules.

Red Light Solutions

Pineal Sparing Night Light

The pineal gland produces Melatonin while we sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone of darkness that synchronizes the body's diurnal rhythms.

It is the only hormone that communicates with every cell in the body.

It is also the only hormone that communicates directly with the nucleus of each cell.

Most hormones communicate with the cell membrane, triggering intracellular messenger molecules...

White light at night any brighter than the full moon carry enough blue light to suppress the pineal's activity, sometimes for hours, or even the rest of the night.

For any night-time trips to the bathroom, place our pineal sparing night lights as needed to light the path.

Red light also spares your night vision, so you can see in the dark after exposure to the red night light...

We also offer night vision and pineal sparing flashlights, as well as a therapeutic red flashlight that stimulates mitochondrial activity in the skin for accelerated healing...

Red Light Solutions

Harmony Soft Laser

The Harmony Soft Laser uses frequencies of red and Infrared light that activate the mitochondria...

The power of Near Infrared is that it penetrates several inches deep into the body, so you can treat your internal organs with this soft laser.

Because the eye's tissues produce a concentrated optical focus of light, including Infrared frequencies, the laser is not used directly in the eyes.

For healing the tissues of the eye, we use the laser on the tissues around the eyes, where the surrounding sinuses and the electroacupuncture points that are linked to the different parts of the eye are located.

Our Harmony Laser is made uniquely for us with a 172 Hz frequency so you will be creating a harmonic field that attracts the spirit minerals.

The spirit minerals are condensates of the transition minerals that make up the conscious spirit body.

They bring added healing power based on their quantum dynamic properties of superfluidity, superconductivity, bilocation and consciousness...

Learn More

Brain Helmet

Our NIR Brain Frequency Helmet is a tremendous advance in healing for the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The light frequency activates mitochondrial activity to increase cellular metabolism.

The mitochondria are deficient in degenerative conditions, and when their function is restored they make over 90% of the cells energy from oxidative metabolism.

The NIR light also structures living water which provides energy directly to support cellular function, while also acting as an exclusion zone for toxins, wastes, and debris...

The flash rate of the soft lasers can be set between 1 Hz and 8900 Hz in 1 Hz increments.

This allows you to set the frequency according to a variety of protocols, such as 10 Hz for physical healing in Parkinson's or 40 Hz for memory improvement in Alzheimer's...

Based on our Clinical Theory™ of Everything, we suggest exploring frequencies at or near the octave harmonics of the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, 172 Hz...

This is a powerful and flexible healing tool for the brain...

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