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All Matter is frozen Light. 

Let there be light.

- Genesis 1:3

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. 

- Albert Einstein

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. 

- Albert Einstein

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. 

- Albert Einstein

Clinical Praxis™ Therapeutics

Life is Photonic...

Light is the dominant source of biological energy.

Plants capture light in the carbon-carbon bonds of biochemistry in the process of photosynthesis...

We release that sunlight energy mostly in the mitochondria to run cellular metabolism...

When the mitochondria break down, we experience chronic degenerative diseases...

Mitochondria are intracellular symbiotic bacteria with the structure and function of biological lasers.

In nerve cells, most of them live and move along microtubules that also act as fiber optic network in the cell.

This cytoskeleton is linked to the extracellular connective tissue network at rafts made of phytoceramides and cholesterol...

The extracellular matrix of collagen also functions as a fiber optic network for biocommunication...

Professor Fritz Popp has shown that this biocommunication is carried by laser-like coherent Ultraviolet light.

Cells talk to each other across thousands of cell layers.

When cells are changing through either developmental or degenerative processes, they communicate intensively.

When a cell undergoes apoptosis (cell death) it releases the most intense signal to the rest of the body.

Every chemical reaction in the body is a photoenergetic event, with a specific quantum of light energy needed to form the activation complex, a specific frequency of light supplied typically through an enzymatic cofactor such as a vitamin or mineral, and a resultant change in available light energy known as Gibb's free energy...

The total energy field of the body, known as the Biofield, is the sum total of all of those quantum reactions at the molecular level.

When the spirit leaves the body, the field flatlines...

The heart no longer produces the EKG field, which can be measured out to about 20 feet from the bio-body suit.

The more subtle EEG goes flat as well...

Life is energy.

Electrons and other ions carry energy, but the energy itself is photonic.

Life is a photoenergetic regulatory system.

To understand it, and to heal it, we must include in our Clinical Theory™ an understanding of biocommunication and consciousness.

  • The bio-body suit is Photovoltaic. Light produces electricity at the cell membrane via DHA. The cell membrane potential is incredibly powerful at up to -100 mV across a lipid bilayer 4 nm thick... Nano voltmeters confirm electric fields in the cytoplasm of 15 million volts per meter! The most powerful tissue dipole is the retina, because it is a photovoltaic receptor. Two thirds of all the nerve current entering the brain comes from the two optic nerves. When we open our eyes each morning, the increase in current to the brain creates so much increased activity that the temperature of the brain increases by several degrees until the body responds by cooling it with increased circulation... The brain has the strongest negative charge of any major organ, and the liver has the opposite polarity with the strongest positive charge of any organ. This was originally discovered at the College of Syntonic Optometry by fellow naturopathic optometrist, Harry Riley Spitler, O.D., N.D., M.D. nearly a century ago... That was before photovoltaic medicine was outlawed by the outlaws who created the American medical monopoly to push drugs...

  • Life is also Photosynthetic. Light energizes electrons to make (or break) bonds between atoms... The Living Water that makes up most of the mass of the bio-body suit is made from bulk water by absorbing infrared and ultraviolet photonic energy... Living water can run the body's metabolism without burning any calories of molecular fuel... It is a complete parallel metabolic pathway that we have only recently realized... Living water is a coherence zone, and as its volume increases with growing health, it provides not only the vehicle for efficient metabolic function, but also for cellular communication, and also the spaciousness of spirit for healthy intuition and insight to emerge from this 'subconscious' space outside the cell membrane...

Pineal Sparing Night Light

The pineal gland produces Melatonin while we sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone of darkness that synchronizes the body's diurnal rhythms.

It is the only hormone that communicates with every cell in the body.

It is also the only hormone that communicates directly with the nucleus of each cell.

Most hormones communicate with the cell membrane, triggering intracellular messenger molecules...

White light at night any brighter than the full moon carry enough blue light to suppress the pineal's activity, sometimes for hours, or even the rest of the night.

For any night-time trips to the bathroom, place our pineal sparing night lights as needed to light the path.

Red light also spares your night vision, so you can see in the dark after exposure to the red night light...

We also offer night vision and pineal sparing flashlights, as well as a therapeutic red flashlight that stimulates mitochondrial activity in the skin for accelerated healing...

Red Light Solutions

Harmony Soft Laser

The Harmony Soft Laser uses frequencies of red and Infrared light that activate the mitochondria...

The power of Near Infrared is that it penetrates several inches deep into the body, so you can treat your internal organs with this soft laser.

Because the eye's tissues produce a concentrated optical focus of light, including Infrared frequencies, the laser is not used directly in the eyes.

For healing the tissues of the eye, we use the laser on the tissues around the eyes, where the surrounding sinuses and the electroacupuncture points that are linked to the different parts of the eye are located. When used on the carotid arteries, circulation to the eyes is enhanced, and used on the shin bones, stem cells are activated for regeneration of all body tissues including ocular tissues.

Our Harmony Laser is made uniquely for us with a 172 Hz frequency so you will be creating a harmonic field that attracts the spirit minerals.

The spirit minerals are condensates of the transition minerals that make up the conscious spirit body.

They bring added healing power based on their quantum dynamic properties of superfluidity, superconductivity, bilocation and consciousness...

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Brain Helmet

Our NIR Brain Frequency Helmet is a tremendous advance in healing for the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The light frequency activates mitochondrial activity to increase cellular metabolism.

The mitochondria are deficient in degenerative conditions, and when their function is restored they make over 90% of the cells energy from oxidative metabolism.

The NIR light also structures living water which provides energy directly to support cellular function, while also acting as an exclusion zone for toxins, wastes, and debris...

The flash rate of the soft lasers can be set between 1 Hz and 8900 Hz in 1 Hz increments.

This allows you to set the frequency according to a variety of protocols, such as 10 Hz for physical healing in Parkinson's or 40 Hz for memory improvement in Alzheimer's...

Based on our Clinical Theory™ of Everything, we suggest exploring frequencies at or near the octave harmonics of the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, 172 Hz...

This is a powerful and flexible healing tool for the brain...

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