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Meet Your Team

Dr. Glen Swartwout

Research & Development, and Practitioner Training

Dr. Glen has overcome the odds in restoring his own health by learning, applying and integrating the best wisdom of Eastern and Western healing traditions.

His mission now is to share what has helped him and thousands of patients over the last 40+ years as a doctor and 50+ years as a vision therapist...

'Rae' Luscombe

Group Coaching & Coach Training

Rae was already teaching transformational group workshops focused on developing honest communication when she met Dr. Glen 24 years ago.

Ever since, they have been integrating their unique perspectives on healing the body and developing the mind and spirit...

Sean Luscombe

Creative Director & Affiliate Manager

Sean is our creative director and heads up affiliate marketing.

Sean combines his academic training in Kinesiology with his stellar background as a Health, Wellness, and Fitness Coach.

Sean brings expertise in exercise physiology with an emphasis on restoring musculoskeletal function in the face of individual physical challenges...

"Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration... He gave me a copy of the report that you had written on this topic, and I appreciate all of the work that you did..."

Bruce Ballon, M.D., Harvard trained Retinologist

"I'm really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue... Seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also seeing assistance with lens clarity improving nicely and overall just general health improvement. And so, it's been a great, great addition to my practice..."

Dr. Todd Wylie, Doctor of Optometry

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