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Mercury poisoning will take you into a very dark place and chelation will bring you back into the light.

- Steven Magee

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

- Confucius

Nearly everyone would benefit from a heavy metal detox because of the hundred thousand fold increase in toxins in the last 50 years.

- Dr. Sundardas Annamalay

I showed a profound response to mercury chelation therapy.

- Steven Magee

Chelation means metal binding. It's a process of putting a substance like EDTA in the body. It hooks onto the metal, and floats it out the kidney. And that's a major detoxifier for heavy metal.

- Dr. Murray Susser

The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.

- William Osler, M.D.

Fluoride makes your body absorb extra Aluminum. Where does that Aluminum go? Your brain. What metal shows up alarmingly in the brains of Alzheimer's victims? You guessed it.

- William Douglass, M.D.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

If you take a well-absorbed Magnesium that readily enters brain cells it can help eliminate heavy metals.

- Dr. Carolyn Dean

By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient than you ever dreamed possible!

- Dr. Edward Group III

Clinical Praxis™ Protocols

Chelation of Heavy Metals

Chelation means "to grab" heavy metals and pull them out of the body.

We prefer a slow and gentle process of oral chelation over intravenous chelation or even oral megadose protocols.

Pushing the body to heal too fast increases the risk of strokes in the process.

Healing is a 'slow race' with the last one still getting healthier and more functional being the winner.


Mercury: The Great Masquerader


Mercury is the most symptomatic of all the heavy metals. It can cause any disease symptom, merely dependent on the location in the body where the Mercury is lodged...

All the heavy metals follow each other along the same excretion pathways, so when one is stuck, all the others back up behind it, waiting to be eliminated. We are exposed to more Aluminum than the others, so that's why it builds up so much when heavy metal excretion is blocked. It is more of a marker of the problem than the cause, for example in Alzheimer's. Therapy with our infrared Brain Helmet typically helps relieve symptoms of neurodegenerative conditions with improvements often seen starting in a few weeks. Of course, Functional Formulations™ such as Brain Cleanse are also synergistic, ensuring the opening of the glymph channels in the brain during sleep for drainage of toxins including metals.


Silver amalgam fillings are over 50% Mercury when they are put in. Mercury leaches out with a half life of 20 years. Chewing gum increases the problem by pulling it out faster. Exposure to EMF increases the problem even more. And dysbiotic organisms such as those present in tooth decay that can form underneath amalgams can methylate Mercury or convert it to Mercuric Chloride, making it 1000 times more toxic, suppressing the immune system locally and deranging it systemically. Fluctuations in blood sugar exacerbated by eating refined sugars and even more by taking caffeine also contribute to this problem.

Interestingly, the catalyst made by the problematic microbes that methylates Mercury turns out to be Methylcobalamin, one of the coenzyme forms of Vitamin B12. That's why we use a much higher proportion of the other coenzyme form, Adenosyl Cobalamin, in our Functional Formulations™ including our Sublingual B12. Adenosyl Cobalamin is the coenzyme form of B12 used by our mitochondria.


Mercury from the teeth goes directly to the central nervous system via the trigeminal nerve, as well as the valveless veinous and lymphatic vessels between the teeth and the brain. From there, it goes down the spinal chord and directly to the genitals and other organs.

The highest levels of mercury from the teeth are stored in the thyroid gland. It is stored the longest in the crystalline lens of the eye, contributing to cataract formation. The pineal also has a similar lens. These lens structures are avascular, like the cartilage in joints, so they are particularly dependent on the quality of regional circulation for both nourishment and detoxification.

Amalgam Filling Removal


Only go to a Biological Dentist. They will use special procedures and equipment to limit your increased exposure to Mercury during your dental restorations. For example, they will use a low speed drill to minimize off-gassing of Mercury vapor. They will also use a rubber dam to prevent you from swallowing Mercury...


You can find qualified Biological Dentists through:





Remove any amalgam as soon as possible if that tooth is cracked, or if there is decay under the filling.


Otherwise, we prefer to wait until you improve your terrain to a minimum of Phase 3 before initiating removal of your amalgam fillings.


We check your terrain each time we complete a remote Biofield Analysis.


We recommend removing a maximum of two amalgam fillings per month, while being supported with a complete balancing remedy program based on a Biofield Analysis.

Oral Chelation


Chelation is generally best done intermittently.


Some chelation agents pull out nutrient minerals along with heavy metals, so repletion of nutrient minerals is also an essential part of the chelation process.


We prefer to chelate heavy metals and replete nutrient minerals gently according to the body's natural self-healing patterns.


We read the body's healing activities and response patterns through various forms of Biofield Analysis.


This tells us what your body is already trying to heal and what specific kinds of support it can best use to efficiently complete its healing missions.


Some of the Functional Formulations™ we have developed that often help in the chelation of heavy metals include:

Chelation to chelate heavy metals in the vascular system

Binder Complex to bind a full range of toxins in the gut lumen

Fiber Cleanse to bind toxins in the gut 

Nous Energy to provide ORMUS spirit minerals to displace heavy metals throughout the body

Brain Cleanse to flush toxins out of the central nervous system via the glymph channels during sleep

Blood Cleanse to flush the vascular system


Some of our Mercury specific Functional Formulations™ include:

Glutathione Synergy increases glutathione production in the cells to move Mercury out of the intracellular compartment via the liver

Sulfur Synergy supplies a broad spectrum of organic forms containing sulfur to bind Mercury in a broad range of intracellular locations

Chlorella binds Mercury in the gut

Cilantro flushes Mercury out of the vascular system


Iron Out is specific for Iron toxicity


Some of the Functional Formulations™ that often help in the specific repletion of nutrient minerals include:

Bicarbonate Blend for a balanced blend of Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium

Bone Builder for Calcium that doubles absorption by activating the second absorption channel; Calcium is particularly important in relation to Lead

Magnesium Synergy for a full spectrum of beneficial forms of Magnesium plus synergists

Neuro Magnesium for Magnesium that crosses the blood-brain and blood-eye barrier

Zinc Synergy for a full spectrum of beneficial forms of Zinc plus synergists


In addition, most of our Functional Formulations™ include the specific mineral synergists needed to support the tissues and functions specifically targeted by each formula.

Infrared therapies, such as our Harmony Laser are very supportive of detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins. Infrared penetrates deep into the body tissues and mobilizes toxins. Sweating, e.g. in an infrared sauna, bypasses the often overloaded kidneys as a route of elimination. And in an infrared sauna, the concentration of toxins in the sweat is greatly increased. We refer to the skin as being like a third kidney...


If you have lived or worked in polluted environments, your health may improve drastically with chelation therapy.

- Steven Magee

I was attending the doctor from 2006 through to 2008 for strange skin sensations, tingling/pains/numbness in my head, face, hands and legs, fatigue, stress, gastrointestinal problems, breathing difficulties and chest tightness/pains when exercising while working at an astronomical observatory that had a large amount of mercury stored on site. In 2009 it had progressed to include heart issues, fatigue, weakness and dizziness and I suggested to my doctor that my symptoms matched Eosinophilia and may be Lyme disease encephalitis or multiple sclerosis. Many years later in 2018 I showed a positive response to mercury chelation therapy.

- Steven Magee

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